Bridges and other restorative options

Aubrey Family Dental provides many options for patients that are looking to replace a missing tooth. Implants, bridges and partial dentures can all restore the ability to chew and also create a more pleasant looking smile. Replacement recommendations can vary depending on which teeth are missing and the condition of the rest of the mouth and jaw. Dr. Caroline Tran can help you figure out which treatment would be best for your case.


Why should I replace a missing tooth?

Most people do not realize that teeth can cause your remaining teeth to drift and become crooked. More importantly, the most patients should know that the jaw bone itself can change shape over time with missing teeth because bone shape is maintained by the force of chewing. Without a tooth to provide that force onto the jaw as it would normally, the bones in the jaw can change shape, altering the appearance of your face.


What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth, usually made from a combination of porcelain and ceramics or metals, that is attached using the surrounding teeth in the missing area. It is a “bridge” over the missing tooth area and is made to look like a natural tooth.


How can a dental bridge help me?

Missing teeth, especially front teeth, can be make a person very self-conscious. A dental bridge can restore your smile and confidence since your bridge will look just like your natural teeth. The placement will also serve to maintain some chewing forces onto your jaw and will help to hold your remaining teeth in place. For more information about how a dental bridge can help your smile, please contact Aubrey Family Dental at (940) 365-3326 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Tran!


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