What are fillings?

Composite dental fillings are resins that are used to restore the look and function of teeth. It is a very commonly used material in dentistry as the material is durable, inert and can blend in naturally with the color of your surrounding teeth. Most patients greatly prefer composite fillings to metal fillings because metal is very noticeable when bonded to your teeth.

Fillings and cavities

Tooth decay is caused when the bacteria in your mouth begin to erode the enamel on the surface of your teeth. This decay working its way into your tooth is essentially a hole that grows larger as the bacteria erodes more of your tooth. This hole is called a cavity and the removal of the cavity from the tooth will stop the spread of the decay.

Most commonly for small cavities, the hole is then filled in with dental composite and is then called a “filling.” Decay that is not treated over time and that advanced farther into the tooth can cause the tooth to break and can infect the root of the tooth causing pain. Good oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings and checkups can catch decay before it becomes a bigger problem.

Dental composite can also be used to fix small chips in teeth or alter the shapes of the tooth.

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