What are dentures?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth that are usually made out of resin. Modern dentures fit over the gums and are more durable, lighter and more comfortable to wear than the dentures of 20 years ago.


What should I expect from getting dentures?

The process of getting fitted dentures can happen 1 of 2 ways.

After the removal of teeth, the gums and jaws can be given time to heal. During this time, the shape of the jaw will change. During this time, the patient will be without replacement teeth. After healing, impressions of the jaw will be taken and a denture will be custom made to fit properly over your gums. This is called a conventional denture. 

The second method doesn’t require any waiting to get replacement teeth. Instead, an immediate denture is placed after teeth are removed. The dentist uses impressions from visit before the removal of the tooth to have a denture created beforehand. After the jaw changes shape, the patient will have to return to have their denture adjusted because the denture will fit loosely after healing. An immediate denture requires more visits, but will not force the patient to be without teeth for any period of time.

Both types of dentures will require some getting used to, as any prosthetic will require some adjustment to speech and perhaps eating habits. Minor irritation to the surrounding tissues is not uncommon but if you have any major pains, you should contact the doctor and make sure the denture fits properly.

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