What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal is used to treat a tooth that has been infected. Infections can happen when teeth are cracked, broken or have large cavities. During a root canal, the inside of the tooth is cleaned out and the tooth is sealed to prevent any further infection and pain.


How will I know when I need a root canal?

Pain or extreme sensitivity are the primary indications that a tooth might be infected. Dr. Tran will examine the tooth and view x-rays to check for injuries to the tooth. Decay or cracks will allow bacteria into the living part of the tooth which will then need a root canal to remove the infection.

It is important to note that pain is not the only reason that your teeth need a root canal. Even without pain, bacteria can damage the surrounding tissue and bone. Patients who don’t seek treatment also can increase their risk of gum disease. Treating these before you experience problems is always less expensive and saves your time.


What happens during a root canal procedure?

Dr. Caroline Tran will first make you comfortable and numb the area surrounding the tooth. She will then place medicine in the tooth to get rid of the bacteria.

The tooth is then filled with a rubber like material called gutta percha to seal them and prevent further contaimination of the roots in the tooth.

A temporary crown will usually be placed over the tooth until a perment crown or onlay can be placed.

A properly treated and restored tooth can last for many years. It will be important to practice good oral hygene to keep the tooth in good functional shape.

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