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Family Dental Benefits Plan

For patients without dental insurance, Aubrey Family Dental offers an in-house dental benefits plan to help make your dental care more affordable.

For a low annual fee of $269 per adult or $169 per child, we will provide two regular dental check-ups, two cleanings, $100 treatment credit and a 20% discount on most of your dental care.

There are no waiting periods, claim forms to fill out, or any other typical insurance restrictions.

Benefits Include:

20% off of most services (crowns, fillings, extractions…)

2 dental exams with x-rays (as needed) per year

2 dental cleanings per year

Unlimited emergency exams and x-rays

$100 initial savings for any treatment

Annual Plan Fees:

Each Adult (16+): $269

Each Child: $169

We are proud to offer our dental benefits plan and think its a great dental care option for those without insurance!

Please note that these benefits are not an insurance plan and that membership benefits only apply to dental services provided by Aubrey Family Dental. Coverage is for 12 consecutive months from date of purchase and it is up to the members to schedule appropriate visits.

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